Tabcat partnership - save money and support us at the same time!

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Tabcat.

Ginger cat on the grass

As well as ensuring your cat is microchipped, you could use Tabcat, a pet tracking device to offer you even more reassurance in the event that your cat goes missing. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar (make sure it’s a quick-release collar), the device is lightweight but robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to.

Tabcat productThe Tabcat tracking device is combined with a directional handset, which picks up the signal from the cat tag on your cat’s collar and tells you which way to walk to them through a series of beeps and lights.

A single red light means that you’re in range, an amber light indicates that you’re getting closer to your cat and a green light should guide you right to your cat. Each handset can find up to four cats and can track up to 122m.

How you can benefit

Thanks to our friends at Tabcat, you can enjoy 10% off their products below when using the code CP01. Cats Protection will also receive 10% of the value of every order so you can help even more cats.

Tabcat products

• Tabcat starter pack – includes a handset, two tags and two silicone cases

• Tabcat bundle - starter kit and two extra tags and silicone cases

To find out more about Tabcat and to purchase a product using the discount code please visit