This is Jasper. Formally known as Biscuit who came to live with us in November last year 2012.
Just a little update to let everyone who gave him love know how happy and content he is.
 He's a bit of a chubby chappie and loves his food but he never steals from his big
 siste(who he is incredibly protective of) He is affectionate when he wants affection and slightly aloof when he doesn't but that's good beca
use if we wanted needy, we'd get a dog! He is about the gentlest tom cat we've ever known and even lets us give him a shower when he gets 
a bit grubby. He likes water and enjoys swishing his paws around in the sink and bath. He's a lovely affectionate cat who is loved by everyone and is especially loved by my other cat Florence who loves cuddling him. He's an absolute sweetheart and we all thank you loads for your wonderful and important work. X