Here's Crystal's (now Poppy's) story.
I was found in Nelson, fending for myself and my 5 kittens.  A kind lady looked after me until a foster place was found at Cats Protection.  My fosterer called me Crystal.  I was a very good mum and enjoyed looking after my babies, so much so, that I also adopted another little boy, so I had 6 kittens to watch out for!

 Now they’ve all gone to good homes, it was my turn to find one – which I did, very quickly.  My claim to fame is that I’m the first cat to be rehomed this year!

 I went to my new home on 4th January and met my new mum and dad and the rest of the 4-legged furries.  I was hiding at the back of my cat carrier when I arrived, then I saw a little nose appear at the door.  It was Buddy (formerly Fred) also from Cats Protection – it was love at first sight as he came to greet me and welcome me into the family.  We love each other to pieces and get on really well together.  I’m sure Buddy is going to teach me some naughty tricks to play on mum very soon.

 When I first arrived, I was shown my new bedroom which I have all to myself.  It has 2 ‘official’ beds in + an en-suite bathroom, loads of toys and a lovely yellow blanket with Buddy’s smell on it.  In fact I liked it so much that I spent the first few days lying on it right at the top of the wardrobe.  I’m now becoming more confident and come to greet mum whether she’s got food or not.  We all play together and I’m learning to be myself.

 I like being high up, so mum has put my ‘igloo’ bed on top of a cupboard so I can keep an eye on what’s going on.  I know there are dogs in the house as I can hear them barking downstairs, but that doesn’t bother me – I shall meet them later when I feel like it and in my own time.

 Mum has realised that I’m a very playful and friendly young lady who loves to give her a Glaswegian kiss, which she says is very strong considering how dainty I am!


Thank you Auntie Fosterer for looking after me so well -


Wishing you a Happy and successful New Year


With love from – POPPY!