I'm Charlie's brother%44 ArchieHi%44 I'm Charlie 

Thought you would like an update on our adorable kittens we adopted from you on the 14th October (2011).

Charlie and Archie (originally called Marty) arrived one Friday night and promptly hid under the sofa for three hours! However, they eventually succumbed to the offer of food...

We then established them upstairs in my daughter's room, who became their guardian, playmate, cuddle thing and general housekeeper. With a lot of patience, they settled well and soon came wanting strokes and cuddles, especially Archie, who loves to lick your ear.... Then became the hard part - introducing them to our big brown bear, otherwise known as Bobs, a chocolate Labrador. Charlie decided he wasn't having any of it and soon became King of the Castle, whilst Archie succumbed and soon became the jester of the court, running underneath and through Bobs' legs, much to the amusement of the family.

Fantastic news!! Our new family have just been reunited with our old cat, Theo, who had been missing for 6 weeks. He was found, very bedraggled by a river, and thanks to being micro-chipped, Theo was identified at the vets and returned home to us. He walked into the house, took one look at the new additions, had some food then went to sleep! Since our introduction, we have had a lovely harmonious household until they all decide it's playtime - even better when Bobs joins in too! Oh the joys....

Story provided by Johanna C