Hi, Just thought I'd let you know how Jethro is getting on since he came to his new home on Saturday 3rd November 2012.

He wasn't as shy as I'd expected, and as soon as the lovely lady who brought him had left, he came to me and allowed a lot of stroking and talking to him, then went off to explore. By Saturday evening we were the best of friends and I was rewarded by a lot of nose rubbing from him and purring as he curled up with me, and by Sunday night he seemed settled and happy, and ready to start playing with his new toys - as long as I played too of course!

Over the weekend I kept careful watch as there were a lot of fireworks close by, but he wasn't in the least bothered, not even on Monday when the bangs were terrific and very close. He's claimed my old armchair and when he's not sprawled next to me or on my knee, he's curled up on there asleep. When he's awake he follows me around the house a lot, and gives a 'brrrp' when I speak to him, he's really affectionate!

He loves to rub his nose on mine and all around my face, and sleeps on my bed at night purring me to sleep, although if I have an arm on top of the duvet to stroke him, he starts playing, grabbing my arm with both paws wrapped round and back legs kicking, then jumping up and pouncing on my toes when he hears movement under the duvet, but then he settles down and often uses my arm as a pillow.

He's the first cat I've known - and I've had cats all my life - who seems to love to lie on his back and have his stomach stroked and brushed, and he has a lovely personality, is well behaved, clean, and a little piggy with his food, so I've had to restrict his treats to few and far between!

He had an injury under his arm where his front leg had been caught in his collar, the scar is still just about visible so I'm careful in that area but it seems to be healing nicely, and now when we have play sessions he often pretends he's still a kitten - ears laid back, tail swishing mischievously, then dashing and darting all over as fast as he can, levitating across furniture and grabbing his feather toy and killing it, I enjoy it as much as he does!

All in all Jethro seems to have settled in beautifully, and I'd like to thank the people who had been fostering him as I was told he had been waiting months for a new home so it must have been hard to let him go, I know I wouldn't part with him now even after just less than a week.