Hi There. I'm Jasper (previously known as Biscuit, although I'm still keeping that as my middle name) I was adopted by a family in Colne a week ago and after a couple of quite nervous days, I have settled in really well with my new people. I am receiving lots of cuddles and attention. Sometimes a little too much so occasionally I like to sneak off to my hiding place to chill out and have some valuable thinking time. My big sister Florence doesn't seem to want to play like I do and she's a little bit stand offish at times but we've had some contact and I'm sure I'll win her over with my relentless kittenish ways:-)

I'm using my litter tray every time now, (sometimes I use my sisters litter tray, too!) and I'm loving playing with my toys and one or two non toys which I have improvised. My people seem to like brushing me and I make it into a game as when I see the brush I like to hide and dodge around as much as I can, but once the brushing starts it's lovely really:-)

I'm really thankful for all the love I got from Cats Protection as I had a pretty rough start in life. Things have improved so much. I really think I'm the cat that got the cream:-)

Loads of love and see you again soon. P.S. I hope you like my photos. Look how much I've grown. My dad thinks I'm going to be massive:-) X

November 2012