Izzy didn't have the best of starts in life. She, along with another 8 cats were rescued from Blackburn and had only 24 hours to find somewhere to stay before they were going to be put to sleep. Izzy was extremely quiet and timid and was initially overlooked.

Fortunately, our branch was able to offer placements and Izzy went to a foster home in Burnley.

She is now living with Irene in Colne and has settled in very well. When the volunteer took her to her new home, Izzy came straight out of her basket and began to explore places that she could hide in. She found a good place in Irene's bathroom, where she hid her face behind the shower curtain! However, later that night, Irene found Izzy curled up on her bed!

Izzy's confidence is improving daily and she has started to say hello to Irene's visitors! She loves to sit on Irene's lap and has decided other people's laps are OK too! Her favourite toy is a little mouse with a feather tail.

April 2011