I was found covered with some sort of oil and taken to the vets by a nice lady who found me.  It was touch and go for a while whether I would survive, as I was in a great deal of pain. I am pleased to say that Myerscough Vets (Padiham + A59) and Burnley & Pendle Cats Protection decided to give me a chance.  One of the volunteers fell in love with me despite not having much fur. I know how much time, planning and cunning she and her friends used to work on persuading her 
husband to have me...                                                  BEFORE .............................   NOW

Well, nearly 2 months later, here I am - a happier bunny - AND MY FUR'S GROWN BACK!  I live with my new mum and dad, Sam and Lucy, my dog friends and Charlie the cat, my best mate ever.  We love each other to bits and are never far apart from each other. 

My mum thinks I'm very clever - I am, as she doesn't know I typed this up while she wasn't looking.  I let her think she's taught me to do a high five, but we all know that I taught her to give me treats every time I wave my royal paw!  I have a lot of toys to play with and enjoy finding all the treats mum hides in a variety of activity games she's bought for me.

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved in my rescue - for all the love, care and attention I've received. Without you all, I and many others would not have been given a second chance of enjoying a happy life with people who really love us furry ones...


Posted: 26th June, 2013